Power Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Power Chrysler Jeep Dodge Review

Report Filed: Power Chrysler Jeep Dodge Power Chrysler won’t stand by their work. Phoenix Arizona!!

Power Chrysler replaced the motor mounts in my car in 2009. I just found out they need to be replaced again. I was told this shouldn’t happen. I contacted Power Chrysler and was told they only guarantee for 2 years. My car was 3 years old the first time this happened. Now it’s happened again. Chrysler doesn’t care if they have a problem with the part or the installation. They just want a lot of money to fix it again. My car doesn’t even have 100000 miles on it yet. I don’t expect them to fix this for free. It would be nice if Power was willing to work with me to come up with a fare solution. This is the 3rd car I have purchased from Power Chrysler. It will be the last. Poor poor customer service.

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