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Prieto's Auto Sales Review

Report Filed: Prieto’s Auto Sales Fraudulent practices Phoenix Arizona!!

On Sept. 7, 2013 I went to Prieto’s to buy a car and offer my own car as a trade-in. The salesperson stated that their credit card reader was broken and I had to bring in cash, which I did. After waiting for hours, they let me drive off with a car that had so many issues that it wasn’t even legal to drive on the road (headlights, turn signals) and a host of other annoying ones, like a tire that went flat after just 2 hours of leaving. I would have replaced the flat if I could get the trunk to open, but the release switch was missing and the key didn’t work. So I went back there the following Monday and the owner and I agreed that I would get my cash back and he could keep his and my car. But at that day he said he was out of checks, so I had him write a promissory note for the next day, which he promised that I would get my money back. After a week of run-arounds and 3 promissory notes he finally wrote me a for the following day post-dated check that, as I found out at the bank, was bad. I just want to get my money back.

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