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Report Filed: princeton properties in portland the landlord is suppose to pay one utility they say on lease they pay garbage but they make u pay aflat fee of $15 per month times that by 50 apts? it’s illegal portland oregon Internet!!

I mqnaged for them have managed for other big companies but never seen a company target hard working families or people at poverty level! It’s illegal in oregon for the landlord not to pay one utility. They almost always pick garbage because its the cheapest. PRINCETON properties states on teir lease they pay for garbage but make trnants pay a flat fer of $15 per month if not paid you can and they will evict you over not paying this but charge you first time $40, 2nd time $50 third time $50 plus 5% of your rent and then evict you, they far the residents to death water bill is a third party company but princeton does they same fees for them as well

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