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Report Filed: Professional Parking Services Tow company stole my cash and ruined the panels on my new car! Tallahassee Florida!!

My car was towed the night of Hurricane Ivan and when I was dressed and wanted to get breakfast that Thursday morning after the storm, about 8:45 AM, (I live in an old apartment building, so power outages are frequent), I went outside and my car was gone! Okay, cool- I had no decal (it was in my glove compartment- it was brand new; no excuse for that, but…) I got $80 to give to them because I need my car. I get my car back and my stamp money’s gone. Unacceptable. Later on that day, I put something in the passenger seat and I see that the door’s all scratched up! The side panels are ruined; my car’s new (now it’s at the year), but that’s unacceptable. I was told it couldn’t be anything but the “Slim Jim””. Before I can get the collision-place to give me an estimate

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