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Report Filed: Professional Products Powerjection III Failure to Repair Hawthorne California!!

I bought a Powerjection III fuel injection unit from Professional Products several years ago. It worked for several years until the ECU failed and it stopped working. I called the company and was referred to Carl. Carl told me that if I would send him my entire unit (about $1500 at the time of purchase) he would diagnose the problem and fix it. I cost me about $90 to send the unit to him 3 months ago. He told me at the time that he’d get back to me within 1 month. I have called Carl directly 4 separate times without a response. I then chose to call his supervisor to see if I could get a response. The receptionist on the phone interupted my story to tell me that “Carl is a terrible technician””. She promised that she’d relay my complaint to his supervisor. I have not had any contact from this company despite my repeated attempts. At this point my interactions impugn the entire company. They still have my property and I want it back. I must assume that I was duped into sending back my unit so they could use the pieces for other projects/customers. Please do not make the mistake of trusting anyone at this company to do the right thing. I must also assume that this type of business practice comes directly from the owner of the company.”

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