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PSI Seminars Phoenix Review

Report Filed: PSI Seminars Phoenix PSI Seminars is what YOU make of it Phoenix Arizona!!

I first became aware of PSI seminars in November of 2001. I was introduced to it/them by my girlfriend at the time (later to be my wife, then my ex-wife). I have since attended the Basic course, PSI7 and Men’s Leadership. And yes, the total I shelled out for all of these was close to $7500. I found the teachings and phylosophies to be very sound and meaningful. The methods used to enforce those teachings were very effective and impactful. During the Basic course I cried for the first time in 17 years, and I consider PSI7 the best 7 consecutive days of my life. I am today much more aware of what is really taking place than ever before. I know it is me that holds me back, and that I am responsible for everything that takes place in my life. I may have gotten to this point without PSI. But PSI definately pushed me here and I am grateful. So you can say I pro-PSI. At the same time, I have encountered PSI graduates who bug the crap out of me; who, everytime I see them, ask me about playing PLD and what program I am holding onto that prevents me from moving forward. I haven’t personally experienced anyone who left their wife or husband because they ‘were enlightened’ but I don’t doubt that it has happened. And I don’t doubt that there are those who, after reconsidering, wish they hadn’t acted as they did. I have a message for you people: THAT’S LIFE. The underlying principals of PSI (YOU are responsible for your life and for not letting your programs limit you) hold true. So, stop blaming PSI, God, your wife, your husband, Mom, dad, whomever. Dave in phx phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.

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