Pure Breeders LLC

Pure Breeders LLC Review

Report Filed: Pure Breeders LLC Sold me a puppy for $2500.00 that has 2 congential defects that require thousands of dollars and won’t refund the money or compensate me. Florida Nationwide!!

Pure Bred Breeders or Pure Breeders is a gigantic worldwide scam! They sell puppies that aren’t even checked before they ship them to you. Mine was found to have 2 congential defects the require expensive surgery. He needs the surgery on his nose nairs they are so tiny he can’t breath properly and he has one undecended t******e the also needs to be surgically corrected before he can be neutered. I am very disgusted with the breeder I called, asked for her puppy back before she would refund me any money…i’m sure if I did this i wouldn’t see my money. What a rip off..taking advantage of people. Don’t use this company to find a dog or puppy, they are BAD NEWS!

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