Raceway Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat Ltd.

Raceway Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat Ltd. Review

Report Filed: Raceway Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat Ltd. SCAMMING CONSUMERS Toronto Ontario!!

BUYERS BEWARE! They will Railroad you and take advantage of you – and they are KNOWN for it I want to say that before I go into depth about what I have experienced, as a sales person myself, I am extremely embarrassed that I would have allowed someone to railroad me the way that they have. My fiancu00e9 and I decided that we wanted to take a look at purchasing new vehicles (I was going to trade in my 2012 Juke) and a truck for him. We unfortunately did not do our research and went to Raceway Chrysler Jeep Dealership in Etobicoke Ontario to u201clooku201d at a few options. After speaking with a number of different people we were told by a sales person named Mikhael Nader that we needed to put a deposit down of $1000 each and if we changed our minds on the two vehicles we would be able to get our money back. There was no paperwork signed so I had asked him 3 more times that if we happen to change our mind and he repeated over and over that we could change our minds. After sitting down with the finance guy and by the time we rashly signed the paper work (Bill of sale) we both felt we made a mistake. Before we could even make it into our driveway I was on the phone with Matt trying to cancel and back out. He had told me that I was to call the Sales Manager in the morning to discuss. I called the sales manager (Ahmad Nabtiti) and Mikhael Nader and left a message on their voicemail to cancel and that I would be by that night to get my proof of ownership of my Juke and the $2000 deposit. I got a phone call at 3:00pm that day from Admad asking me when I was going to pick up the two vehicles and I explain to him that I had spoken with the financing late last night right after we signed and left a message on their voicemail . He continued to explain to me that I cannot get out of it because I signed a legally binding contract and when I tried to explain that it hadnu2019t even been 24hours and htat I had made a mistake and refused to even listen to me and when I said I was coming by that night to get my money he said u201cokay fineu201d. I ended up going there with my Fiancu00e9 that night and argued with Ahmad and he told me that they cannot cancel a deal that has already been made (let me also say that BOTH vehicles were not ordered in or brought to the dealership, both were in stock and on the lot). I am not going to say I was very pleasant to him about the entire situation as I felt extremely cornered and bullied. He had told me he was going to send over the paperwork to the legal department and refused to give me back the $2000.00. After fighting with this person and a LOT of tears as I was now in a situation that I knew I had been scammed, I called them back a few hours later and said that if they were willing to cancel one deal I would take one car, well of course he agreed (but he canu2019t cancel deals right?) – My mother who has sold cars for 80% of her life had even attempted to contact the Dealer Principle Sandy and had left a voice mail with no avail or even a call back. Later we found out that they transferred her to the WRONG person on purpose. I guess I am writing this because although I understand what the Ontario law states with no u201ccooling-offu201d period, I just cannot believe that these sales people who a. lie to me and tell me that I have the opportunity to change my mind b. that they can bully consumers like myself. I understand that I did not do my due diligence in going through piece by piece of the contract but I guess I live in a world where honesty holds a lot of clout and when someone tells me I can change my mind I take their word on it. After my experience I went online to search for any feedback or any other u201cvictimsu201d of this dealership and sure enough, if you type in Raceway Chrysleru201d you will find a lot of people expressing their very concerns about u201csketchyu201d issues and sneaky sales tactics these people have attempted on others. I know sales and I know how I do business, and feeding off the innocence of trustworthy people is the exact reason car sales man and sales people in general have such a horrid name. What kills me the most is that after i finally picked up the vehicle i DID not want there was a chip in the windshield, scratches across the side and a completely broken drivers seatbelt and they gave me the car on EMPTY. I have already reported them to Chrysler HQ but buyers beware – after speaking with other dealerships in the area they had told me that Raceway is KNOWN for doing this stuff.

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