RAKUTEN Japan Review

Report Filed: RAKUTEN Japan, Chiba Fraudulant Business, Fraudulant USPS Tracking Number, Passing the Buck on “sellers” Chiba, Japan Internet!!

Against my gut instinct, I decided to order merchandise (relatively hard to find) From Rakuten Inc. in Japan. Nevertheless, I ordered in good faith. After all, I have lived in Japan and found most people to be honorable. 1. Item picture was taken from a mass image file. 2. Bad communication skills from Customer Service. 3. Fake USPS Tracking number, which links to an immitation USPS page. After about a month of trying to get delivery status, firing off emails, I finally recieved a U.S. Post Office tracking report, it seemed as if my merchadise had arrived in the U.S. weeks ago, spent 1 day in United States, in transit, I supposedly was not home for it to be delivered to, then was shipped back to Japan that very day, and arrived back where it had originated, and arrived there the next day. That’s one heck of an express round trip. Even Air Force One dosen’t move that fast. Things were smelling very fishy. The package never entered the U.S. come to find out, and I doubt it was ever dispatched. I confronted Rakuten on this, more stonewalling ensued, so off to the bank to kill the card and attempt a charge-back. That was a week ago. Now I’m getting phone calls of broken English asking about my bank card. I’ve heard excuses ranging from “the shop is at fault”” and “”we will wait for shop to contact you.”” This is called passing the buck

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