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Report Filed: Red Line Towing Not in compliance with CVC Vista, California!!

After having a rent-a-cop call a tow on me after being parked in a fire lane at my condo for 10 minutes (whilst unloading my belongings because I was moving in), the driver demanded that I pay him $100 cash only to release my car, keep in mind it had not been towed, the truck was simply attached to the car… ie: not removed from private property and not in transit. Besides being a complete a**hole, the driver/company are in violation of CVC 22658. (g) (1) (A) Possession of a vehicle under this section shall be deemed to arise when a vehicle is removed from private property and is in transit. (B) Upon the request of the owner of the vehicle or that owners agent, the towing company or its driver shall immediately and unconditionally release a vehicle that is not yet removed from the private property and in transit. (C) A person failing to comply with subparagraph (B) is guilty of a misdemeanor. (h) A towing company may impose a charge of not more than one-half of the regular towing charge for the towing of a vehicle at the request of the owner, the owners agent, or the person in lawful possession of the private property pursuant to this section if the owner of the vehicle or the >vehicle owners agent returns to the vehicle after the vehicle is coupled to the tow truck by means of a regular hitch, coupling device, drawbar, portable dolly, or is lifted off the ground by means of a conventional trailer, and before it is removed from the private property. The regular towing charge may only be imposed after the vehicle has been removed from the property and is in transit. I don’t know how much more obvious it gets than that. And when I called to talk to the manager he simply said “don’t read the vehicle code to me

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