Regus, HQ Delaware Office

Regus, HQ Delaware Office Review

Report Filed: Regus, HQ Delaware Office Regus HQ is Big Ripoff and very unfair in their billing. After 1 1/2 years of paying them my hard earned money. I got behind 2 times and they terminated my contract without even telling me nor notifying me. Wilmington Delaware!!

My report is talking about the distrust and uncalled for behavior by Regus, HQ and their collection agency team. I have been a client with Regus Wilmington Delaware office for over a 1 year in a half. I was only paying for their so called virtual office space which is $99.00 a month. After signing their contract on March 1, 2012 my 1st day of office address use was April 1, 2012. So, after a year goes by I noticed that all I was doing was wasting my money every month on a address. It didn’t make any more sense so I was thinking of canceling them. So in July 2013 my monthly rent was due and time were hard and I got behind and I couldn’t pay Regus there $99.00 for the month. They literally started harassing me in emails and calling me asking for the payment. I told the account manager from their Texas location I would pay as soon as I got paid. So in the middle of every month Regus accounting system sends out the next month bill in advance. I had passed that date and on July 18, 2013 I was finally able to give them a payment. Now late fees hd accured on that payment and it was $118.00. Then a couple of weeks later when August 1, 2013 payment came I was late again because of my personal bills needed to be paid. After 2 weeks the ssame account manager came emailing me telling me to pay the payment. I told her I would in just a couple of days. Regus accounts managers had a meeting about my case and they decided to terminate my account. Mind you the next month bill had already generated for the September payment. Still no one from Regus called me, nor did they email me about the terminated account. So the office manager from the Delaware location was kind enough to send me a courteousy email on August 28, 2013 and tell me to please soon make a payment. They are deciding to put you in collections. But I submitted a payment and their system denied my payment. I told the office manager about the denied payment. So she 3 way me on a call to the billing accounts manager from texas. I speak with her and she says to me I have to pay $238.00. I was outraged because I was like were did you come up with those calcultaions from. She said I had owed for the onth of August plus late fees which I personally knew wouldn’t have been over $130.00. It was only 3 weeks just like the prior month. Basically, Regus tried to get me to pay for both August and Septemeber payments even though the terminated my account 2 weeks before September. They were trying to pull a fast one on me. I really didn’t appreciate that. So instead of her accepting my $130.46 for August payment she kept tellingme to pay them $238.00. I refused and she said well if you don’t pay that payment in full to me in 2 weeks I will continue to proceed with the collections. Then 1 month passed into October 2013. I got a email from this guy from NRS Collections. He was thir account representative trying to collect th passed due payment. Inthe header of subject it had my case file number and the total account balance owed immbdiately for $754.00. Now how did they go from $238.00 to I owe now $754.00. I was outraged again by these dis loyal people who are using people for illegitimate addresses. I argued my case demanding for them to show me a brake down of all those charges. Still to this day they have not once gave me a copy of those calculations. They continued to threat me with the possiblity of going to court if I didnt pay immediately. They demanded that I pay a check in full and overnight Fed Express it to their offices in Dallas, Texas. I told them I can not pay that ammount. So they so call acted as if they would settle for a full payment of $450.00. Now I way confused how the can first demand $754.00 to now saying just pay use $450.00 and everything will be settled. The overall point of this entire story is I feel violated, humilated, lied to and disrespected by a bunch of unprofessional people who work for so called Regus, HQ. I will never again in my life ever rent any offices or services etc.. from them or refer anybody to them. They have surely not kept the old saying in business: Act of good faith.

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