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Report Filed: Reiser & Reiser Company, INC Guardianship Care Group, INCBarbara Reiser My mother was forced into a Guardianship by Barbara Reisers lies and falses reports, all of our entire estate was stolen and my Beautiful mother Yvonne Sarhan was murdered with the medication called Seroquel Coral Gables Florida!!

Judge’s Norman Gerstein, Maria Korvick, Celeste Muir and Arthur Rothenberg are Forcing Elderly People into Guardianships, they are violating the Elderly’s Constitutional Rights of Due Process and are Losing All Their Civil Rights, Their Money, Their Homes and in Many Cases Their Lives!!!To President Barack Obama, My Fellow American’s and Baby Boomer’s, Wake up Baby Boomer’s or your life savings can be taken from you with the swipe of a pen. How? Forced Guardianships. Look at the pictures of these Judge’s above. These are Judge’s in the Probate Court in Dade County Florida, that can and will rule you incapacitated, even though you are very competent, they will take away all of your Civil Rights and sign over every dime you have, into the hands of the attorney’s and guardian’s. They will first freeze your assets, so you have no money to fight back and hire your own attorney, they will then strip you of your Civil Rights, and once you have no rights, the guardian’s and attorney’s will start billing and billing fees, they will force you to have a company in your home to eat your food and watch your TV and start charging you 100,000 dollars a year for this, plus attorney’s fees and guardian fees, which is about 200,000 per year, total. After they take all your cash assets, they sell your home and or do a reverse mortgage and steal the home. These Judge’s have Abused and Exploited many Elderly People and their family’s, please stand with me in numbers, lets take back our legal system that has been destroyed by this corruption of these Judge’s, Lawyers and Guardian’s. President Barack Obama, we need “CHANGE”” please help us stop Elderly Abuse and Exploitation

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