Report Filed: REMINGTON COLLEGE…..LITTLE ROCK AR This school is a joke….. little rock, Arkansas!!

I signed up for the medical assistant program back in febuary of 09. Well the first thing i thought was fake was i had to pay 100$ a month and they did all the finacle stuff just on what i made for 2008 and that was less then 15,000$ for that whole year. Well i struggled the whole 7 months to make that payment each month. so when it was time to do my externship i needed to wait a couple weeks cuz of my job. i was just tryin to work only weekends so i can deal with extern during the week. so it took about a week for me to get that straighten out, and when i did i called remington and tried to get a hold of the extern cordinator. it took me about 2 weeks before i could finally get ahold of her. i left voicemails and would call 2-3 days a day. so i found her e-mail address and wrote her. the next day she e-mailed me back. in the e-mail i told her that i will not be able to work extern on mondays due to my job, i do 16 hour shifts saturday and sunday and dont get home til monday at about 8am. so she wrote me telling me that there is nothing that she can do, but she told me call another lady at the school. so i called her and she said that i need to work on monday because if i dont then they cant activate me going to extern. which makes no sense to me. so i was mad because they werent at all tryin to work around my work schedule when i worked around theres. thats the whole reason i went to weekend shift schedule. so my boyfriend told me to quit my job and he will pay everything til i get done with my externship. i really didnt want to. so i called back remington and setup a time to come down and sign up. so i was going to go down there the next day. so the day before i was going to go down there i got another call from remington askin of i got a check from the student loans. i said yes. they said well in order for me to sign up for externship that i need to pay then that load back. i told them that they are crazy i used that money to finally get caught up on some bills i got behind in. they said well before u can start up i need that money. well i know of 2 people personally that were in the same class i was in and that needed to start there externship later for the smae reasons and they arent having any trouble starting there externship. they got 2000$ back from their student loans and they werent told to pay anything, and i only got 1300$ back. if there is anybody out there that can give me advice on what measures i can take now to get my last month of school done. i would appreicate it sooooo much

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