Remote Control Toys (Jacksonville)

Remote Control Toys (Jacksonville) Review

Report Filed: Remote Control Toys ,Jacksonville, RC Toys Jacksonville Avenue Mall Kiosk Jacksonville, Florida!!

The Remote Control Toys Kiosk in the Avenues Mall sells remote control toys, such as helicopters. My 12 year old son purchased one after being hard pressed by the salesman about the durability and quality of the product. He was assured that this would be a fun toy that he could enjoy for afternoons at a time. When he brought the helicopter home, we charged the battery and then he took the toy outside. After about 5 minutes, he said that the battery was dead. We charged it again and it died in a just a couple of minutes. He said that he wanted to take the helicopter back and get a refund. The owner of the kiosk had told him that he had three days to return it if he didn’t like it. He bought it on a Friday and we returned it on Sunday. The person at the cash register said that there were no refunds. I asked where this policy was stated as it was not visible to any customers. She pulled out a sign from behind the cash register and showed it to me. I asked her if it was their policy to rip off twelve year olds at which time she called security to have me escorted out of the mall. Security arrived and I shared with them the deceptive practices of ripping off twelve year olds and he said that kiosk’s are notorious for this. The person at the counter then proceeded to try and put the wrong helicopter in the box! This was one that a previous customer had returned as being broken. At all costs avoid this kiosk in the Avenues Mall and their other kiosk at Orange Park Mall. The products can be purchased cheaper at a big box store and you never have hassles returning items.

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