A-1 Upland Recycling, Inc.

A-1 Upland Recycling, Inc. Review

Hello, I am writing a formal complaint of this establishment (1248 West 9th St. Upland, CA) whose owner has blatantly discriminates and hates Asians going to his recycling center. Very few Asians go. I have going there for about a year and each time the owner sees me, he would harass me and yell at me without reason. | The workers there begin jeering and talking in Spanish when they see a “chino” there. They were surprised when one day I talked to them in Spanish and told them I understood every racial discrimination and bullying comment they make about me or asians. I usually recycle paper, CRV and non CRV items, aluminum, metal, steel, wiring, etc so I place them each in different bins. | They also have a requirement that glass bottles need to be separated by colors blue, green, clear, and brown so that’s 4 bins there. They would for no reason reprimand me that I am taking too much space with my number of bins. I ask them to clarify. The recycling center collects all these items, requires that I separate them, how else can I separate them if not putting them in separate bins? | I have the bins behind my car like everyone else to unload them, he gets mad says i’m “blocking traffic” but not really because cars can still pass behind me, so I move it to the side, then he yells at me that I am not allowing other cars to park next to me. | Does he want me to put the bins on top of my car? He says nothing when all the hispanics who do NOT have disability placards park in the disability parking spaces in front. One time, I parked there when the signs were fading, he threatens to call the police and he will fine me. The whole year every day, he says nothing to the Hispanics who violate it. | On a busy day, one worker signals me and several cars to park on the fire lane because there were no more parking spaces. I follow and started to unload for about 1 hour. The owner comes and tells me to move. I refused because I have filled 8 baskets already and told him that his worker told me to park there because there were no more parking spaces. | He threatens to kick me out, call the police and banned me forever to go there because he can, he is the “owner.” I told him that why are the hispanics ladies behind me and the blacks behind them able to park in the fire lane without incident? I finally move my car when there were more empty parking spaces and move my baskets there. | He still told me to pack up all my items back into my car and leave. I told them “no” I just spent 1 hour unloading and I am not going to repack them and leave. He says he didn’t care if I had spent all day unloading, he’s not going take my items anymore. In the meantime, 2 hispanic cars causally pull into the two disability parking spaces and unload without being told to move. | the three policemen come question me, then after finding out my side, convinced the owner to take my items today and seem apologetic that I had to go through this blatant discrimination; they recommended that I never come here again and just to go to a different one next time. I agreed. I don’t need the verbal abuse and the sneers each time I come here. | This is the last straw, calling police, wasting their time, because I listened to the worker who told me to park there on a busy afternoon. Ridiculous. After the place emptied out, I put the baskets on the side to finish unloading, I hear them getting angry that I put the baskets in the adjacent parking space; by this time there were only 5 cars and I was finishing up; In the meantime, they are parking their tractor in 2 parking spaces. Seriously? | I know that you can’t close this down because each recycling place in independently owned, but I would like you to know that blatant discrimination even in 2019 is crazy. In the 1980s, I was used to the “welcome to the country ching ching chong chong” by hispanic kids growing up, but as an adult having them harass you when you are bringing them cash/business?? Crazy. | I hope they can be fined or investigated in some way. I was only one of maybe three asian customers who remain. The other one is a homeless asian, I believe who doesn’t understand Spanish so probably don’t know what they are saying about her. Who knows, they could be cheating the proper weight whenever they input it. | I know they put the prices “wrong” with mine many times; I also ask for receipt and tell them to change it when I catch them putting the wrong price per weight of the item; of course they don’t apologize. Thank you.

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