A.B.C. Restorations L.L.C.

A.B.C. Restorations L.L.C. Review

I attended the Grand National Roadster Show on January 27th 2018. While I was there I purchased a bumper from A.B.C Restorations. Looked to be a reputable business. He had approximately 50 to 60 refurbished bumpers in his booth. The gentleman (Jay) said that he would exchange my bumper for a refurbished bumper for $200.00. I agreed and tried to pay with my credit card. He does not accept credit cards, that should have been my first clue not to do business with him. However I gave him $200.00 cash he gave me a receipt and we made arrangements for him to meet me the following week to exchange bumpers. Several weeks passed with no communication so reached out to him and he said he would meet me the following week. Another lie. I called him several weeks later and told him that I would come to his shop which is about 150 miles from where I live and pick up the bumper and he said that he was out of town that week. I have called him numerous times and he has quit answering my calls. It is now March 13th and I am still trying to contact him with no answer just an answering machine. If you see this guy on the car show circuit DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HIM!!!! He is a crook.

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