A. C collezione

A. C collezione Review

I got taken by a smooth operator in the parking lot of my workplace. Apparently, an Italian Designer who was lost and trying to get to the airport by 9 pm. He was dressed quite sharp in high fashion clothing, driving a new SUV and spoke with a heavey Italian accent. He told me he was marketing his exclusive line of Italian jackets for men and women and was going back to Milan after he bought an iPad gift for his little daughter. He was so friendly and took a “liking” to me and asked what my size was? I told him a 42 or so….and he jumps out of his car and starts to go through a bunch of bags with unopened ‘samples’…of his clothing. | From a distance, everything looked quite nice….and he starts stuffing 5 – 6 of them into a bag…as a “gift” for me and my girlfriend. I didn’t look closely….but if I had…I would have noticed that NONE of them were leather or ‘short mohair” as he claimed. Then he asked me if I could help him get the iPad for his little girl? I had just come from the bank and dug out a few hundred dollar bills from my pocket…which made him quite happy….and he asked if I could give him a little more? which I did. When I got home with my surprise, I found none of them fit…all too small and all of them were synthetic and faux materials. I felt SO STUPID….I know better…but I got taken. BEWARE. There are many other accounts of this guy operating in the area.

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