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I have been a long and loyal paying customer at AARONS LEASE TO OWN for several years. In fact I should be a valued customer because I usually end up returning all my furniture mostly paid for to them due to relocation for school etc. They have always received a payment from me. I returned my items this last time in July 2016 and starting back in October sought to lease some new items — a bed and a pre-leased fridge; so not a huge amount of property. They had me fill out another new applicaiton — even though I had been with them so many years, and asked for more references. I gave them to them not thinking they would actually CALL THEM unless there was an emergency and they couldnt reach me. WELL AARONS IN SELINSGROVE PA has TOTALLY LOST MY TRUST AND RSPECT. THE NEXT THING I KNOW I AM GETTING CALLS FROM FRIENDS SAYING AARONS WAS CALLING THEM AND ASKING THEM ABOUT ME! I was horrifield. For starters I have a huge history of paying them and a huge history of length of time working with them. I am so embarrased I never wanted to speak to my friends again — afte offering them huge apologies! | This so called practice IS CRUEL AND ILLEGAL.I will be filing multiple complaints with state agencies against them on this practice. IT NEEDS TO STOP. IT HAS EMBARASSED ME AND IS AN ILLEGAL INVASION OF MY PRIVACY

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  1. Collingwood
    March 16, 2020

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