AARP, Inc Review

I have been a member of AARP since 2003. During the last two years I have received bi-monthly renewal confirmation notices, including new membership cards. My yearly membership fee is paid up and through March 2017, however, AARP continues to send renewal notices. I have called them and they say that “they” don’t know why bi-monthly invoices for yearly membership dues are initiated. I am 100% confident that AARP management associates know why the issue so many renewal confirmation notices as they are anticipating that us elderlt folks will inadvertently forget when we made the payment and resubmit monies periodically instead of when membership fees are due. It costs money to create “new” membership cards and renewal confirmation notices. The notice I received today states that I “failed” to submit my renewal confirmation the last time they sent them to me. The notice threatens membership cancellation and that’s not true. My membership dues are paid up through March 2017, however they continue to send me notices even though they acknowledge that my dues are paid through March 2017. I personally am going to discontinue being a member. Unethical acts of this nature is illegal, obtaining monies not due etc.,etc.m I no longer want anything to do with them as a result of their actions.

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