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Report Filed: Accounts Warehouse BEWARE – Scammers – Phishing for RL Info Lubbock Internet!!

TL;DR – Accounts warehouse will make up excuses to back out of a sale AFTER you accept their offer, meet all their requirements and send them your personal ID and account info. I’ll try and keep this relatively short. My goal is to educate others in our community so they don’t fall victim to these people like I did. I will be more than happy to post the emails between Tyler and James of Accountswarehouse and myself should they choose to contest any of this. I submitted my information on their website to sell one of my accounts. I took the time to type out each piece of gear he had plus extras that were in the bank. I then received an offer of $450 for the account. For those unfamiliar they send you a link that you click if you choose to accept the offer, which I did. I then sent them the account name and password, SQA, the original email from when I created the account, plus a photo of my ID. A day later I get an email from Tyler that says “I just tried to log in and process your sale but your character is not as described and stripped of half its gear. Your sale has been closed and none of your information has been changed. We do not buy stripped accounts.””1. At no time during this sales process was there any mention of not being allowed to have empty slots. The character had all the gear I listed when submitting for a quote. 2. It wasn’t half his gear it was 5 pieces (earring

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