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Frank Santora Ace Estates 646 Lorimer St Brooklyn has just this day perpetrated more real estate fraud. He just was granted a judgement against Vidoo Brothers, hotels, for over 1 million dollars. Dated 02/08 2013. | Santora is no novice to real estate fraud. He procured property in Willets Point Queens around 1983 through a fraudulent transaction. His partner in crime was his aunt Mickey Parisi, the check kiting queen. He then obtained a mortgage from Maspeth Federal Savings to cash out. Four years later Schmidlin arranged for another refinance of $800000 on over appraised property as mentioned in Willets Point NY. | Schmidlin and another bank manager Bruce Inquanti paved the way for his fraudulent transactions. Santora has been known to pay off bank managers like Bob Schmidlin, National Westminister, and prior to European American bank. Both now defunct. Schmidlin of Massapequa Long Island arranged for fraudulent appraisals and other financial matters for Santora. Santora was busted in 1991, along with his drug dealing partners by the Feds. He was allowed to keep numerous properties under his name after being RICO’d. | Supposedly???? This was allowed through his bankruptcy also which was probably the longest ever recorded. Nice to have the Fed’s on your side. | TBC | Either Santora of Douglaston Manor NY had a lovable smile, or he was ratting on numerous mob guys and contractors. Take a guess?

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