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I contracted with Achieve Test Prep for test prep to pass College class exams- I paid in full because of a discount to pay for the full program. I asked at the time of the contract what would I be charged if I find out this doesn’t help me. After a couple of classes – the College Achieve Test Prep paired me with Excelsior College quadrupled its fees for the 8 required Nursing classes –going from $375 to $1510 per class adding $8,000 to the total cost of the nursing program. A significant change I could not afford Excelsior College is offering its own –online classes – little more than on-line message discussions and homework assignments. Achieve Test Prep expects me to pay the quadrupled fees and pay for their classes as well. – I paid Achieve Test Prep over $11, 000.00 Excelsior College expected about the same in test exam fees and other fees. The difference is that with Excelsior College You pay for each class as you take it. What I didn’t understand is that Achieve Test Prep obligates you to cost of the entire program, something they never made clear. I took only 2 classes. Wants to keep $9,000 as “my contracted obligation whether I took classes of not. When paying for the program I was quoted to pay $375. pre-class –if I paid in full. Nothing was said about refunds –but when I asked – I was told that my refund would depend on how many classes I had taken. I was never told or personally considered that the only school Achieve Test Prep used for my program could or would quadrupled its rates after I took only 2 classes. I am a 58-year-old LPN – I wasn’t trying to get over – I just needed a reasonable way to advance myself in a way I could afford and manage, I do know a couple of BSN nurses that are successful that did an online program – Seemed legit at the time. My program contained 17 courses I took 2 of them before I found out that Excelsior College quadrupled its fees and achieve test prep could offer no alternative schools. In the hope of saving other people from this $9000 loss, I understand that those that have loans must continue to pay.

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  1. Ricky Epps
    April 6, 2021
    • Raynelle
      April 26, 2022

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