I injected the acquafiller with pmma in it and all looked good until the next day my face blew up to twice the size and I had a bad fever with chills. No dr wanted to touch me for fear of a lawsuit, they just gave me antibiotics which at least helped curb the infection. I hid out in my house for months and was so embarrased on my job. I told people I had a thyroid condition but it was a shady story. | Many dr and specialist visits later we figured out how to reduce the massive swelling. If you ever tried this stuff and dont know what to do first off you’ll definitely need antibiotics as this product is not pure and clean whatever it is. Most likely it is a very low grade hyaluronic acid produced in unsanitary conditions. Low grade hyaluronic acids tend to cause the body to draw its own fluid to that area to protect the tissue, hence the reason for the massive swelling. I personally had so much swelling that before I got a dr to actually treat me I literally removed 6 syringes full of pink fluid from my face with a 23 gauge syringe. | I did my due dillegence researching this stuff but there was nothing out there. Now I’ve found a few that have come out to say what happened but many I suspect are in hiding due to the embarrasing nature of the resutls. I know there are legit otc dermal fillers out there but this is not one of them. | The resolve… well, if you are a victom of this product then take the antibiotics asap and have your dr inject Kenalog 10 directly into to area that is swollen. General practiction doctors will shy away from doing anything so seek out a wellness clinic that regularly does dermal fillers and say that you used an otc filler and had this result before. That your prev doctor gave the Kenalog 10 injection but that your willing to just use the .5% topical cream if he is uncomfortable administering the injection. The injection worked so fast that within 24 hours the swelling was mostly gone but now my face is uneven and not really normal. Anyone thinking of using acquafiller should not even consider it any longer. Very dangerous and unpredictable stuff.

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