Adel Boarding Kennels and Cattery

Adel Boarding Kennels and Cattery Review

Family friend purchased a pup from her kennel, via cash only, was told by breeder repeatedly that there was absolutely no health issues with any of her dogs (but refused to put this in writing, selling the dog “as Is”. The new owners were young and were taking advantage of). When home about 30 minutes later, the puppy showed symptoms of sever illness, including blood in diareah, and general lathargy. The pup was rushed to the vet and was diagnosed with the deadly Parvo virus by the breeders own vet. The pup was kept in isolation for almost a week, with IV’s to keep her alive. | The breeder was notified within hours of the health of the pet but said there was no way the dog had the disease, and was fine, even though the pup showed distress within an hour of pick up. She was kept up to date on the progress of the pet, but then quit taking calls. The breeder would not accept any financial responsibility for the the pet, and there is concern with the other puppies in the litter, now and in the future, as this was the last pup to be purchased. The parvo virus lives up to a year in the ground, and is highly contagious.

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