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I am a licensed agent in Troutdale, Oregon and I was cheated out of $2,000 referral commission. In September 2015, I sold a Goldman Sachs $100,000 Market Linked Certificate of Deposit to my client. The application and the check was sent to a trust company for processing and the business was placed into service. I was promised 2% referral commission rate from the broker, Tim Harding, Chief Financial Officer from Alternative Design Insurance Services. I was told my commissions would be paid about one later. I waited for the commission payment but it did not arrive. I tried calling and sent emails to Mr. Harding but he did not call back or email me about my commission problem. | During this time period I received an email from Mr. Harding stating they were not accepting any new business. Their reason stating they severed the relationship with the Trust company and were trying to get a new trust company. I continued to call Mr. Harding and sent emails with no replies from him. Finally I received an email from Mr. Harding stating they were doing everything they can to pay the agents their commissions. Approximately 4 months later, in February of 2016, Mr. Harding sent emails stating a new company called Fiduciary Solutions agreed to pick up where the old company left off. There was nothing mentioned about paying commissions owed to agents. | I emailed again about my commission payment still owed me and again received no reply. Finally I had enough and sent an email indicating I would post a complaint over the internet about Mr. Harding and his companies stiffing agents for not paying commissions owed. It did not take too long for him to send back a reply. The same day he sent back a reply asking me if I would wait a little longer since he had not made any money in over 4 or 5 months and it would take a while to get the business back up and running. He reaffirmed his obligation to me and I replied back I would give him more time. | That was over 7 months ago and still no commission payment. His new company continued to send emails every month about selling his new CDs even though I was still owed my $2,000. I considered that a slap on the face especially when he used my commissions to help him live on for those months without considering how the non-payment of commissions affected me. It is apparent to me he has no plans to pay me my commissions. All his emails reaffirming his obligation to me are just words. I am using this forum to help other people who may want to work with him that they risk the loss of commissions should problems come up again with his new companies. He only thinks of himself and not the people who work for him. (PLEASE NOTE: FIDUCIARY SOLUTIONS IS AN INNOCENT PARTY TO THIS COMMISION PROBLEM AND SHOULD NOT BE TREATED IN ANY NEGATIVE WAY. THEY HAVE NO OBLIGATION TO PAY MY COMMISSIONS)

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