Adorna, LLC

Adorna, LLC Review

I found them online and their offer looked compelling and legitimate. Now I realize they are a RIPOFF and FRUAD!!!! I signed up for their trial where I only had to pay shipping which was $2….the product didn’t work so I was relieved that I didn’t sign up for their monlthy option and had only payed $2 on the trial. Well the following month they charged me $89 and I didn’t know it because I never consented and they didn’t even send me the product so I had no idea that they did this!! This month they actually sent the product but charged me $90!! I called them when I received the product because I didn’t want it and was confused as to why they had sent it to me since I had only agreed to the trial. | The customer service representative told me that since I didn’t “cancel my 2 week trial it automatically signed me up for the month-to-month subscription. WHAT??!? Nowhere on their website did it say ANYTHING about $89-90 a month for a product that DOES NOT EVEN WORK!!!! I don’t even have that kind of money to spend on food for a month let alone a breast cream that does nothing. I was furious but remained polite with the rep and asked if I could return the unopened product (still in the package even.) He said NO and was super rude and refused to reimburse anything…even last months $89 charge that I didn’t even receive the product for!!!! I am SO ANGRY that a company like this exists and feels comfortable taking advantage of women’s insecurities to rip off their hard earned money for a product that doesn’t even work.

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