Advanced Family Dental P.C.

Advanced Family Dental P.C. Review

Family dental provided service for me with a pay as you come in, the service for me was in the thousands and every time visited i would pay as we agreed, my last visit had a total of $660 as a last payment for total work done. As i was finished i was given a bill for just under $1000, i asked what was this extra bill for , we agreed on $660. They claim my insurance was not paying and they had to up it as a cash payment, my wife called our insurance company and they stated they would pay the amount as agreed on if Advanced Dental agreed. Advanced Dental declined and wanted CASH payment only of around $1000, acouple weeks later it went up to $1200 and now its almost $1500 , they claim its interest. Almost triple the money as we agreed on is not fair and is a rip off , we contacted our insurance and they claim that Advanced wont agreed on what was agreed on, i got phone calls from there collection service and she gave me bunch of bulls* excuses and tried to run around a bush to say and try to confuse us with tactics , all i wanted to do was pay my final balance , and i actually still want to as we agreed on. The power of the internet will teach them not to screw with people.

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