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I had ordered and paid for this tax software based on claims that they could easily convert a variety of different software(s), and convert/import the data on their software from prior years. I had been using TaxAct in the past. There were serious conversion issues and also it would only convert Individual – 1040 returns (therefore any corporate, partnership and other entities returns’ could NOT be converted). I went back and forth with them with emails (Mantis ticket 9161) and they stated they will try to fix the technical problems with their technicians. Nothing was fixed, the Individual returns still had errors and the conversion for other entities (business entities) could NOT be done. It was also acknowledged by “Mary Booker, Senior Customer Experience Manager” from their office “You are correct in reference to the business conversion from Tax Act. Inside, our conversion wizard, it shows that we only convert 1040 for this program. I am not aware of any known issues in our program. There have been some small issues that were addressed and quickly rectified. I am sorry that we will not be able to accommodate converting your business files. We just don’t offer a conversion from Tax Act for the business modules. Moving forward, this is something we are looking to add”. | (NOTE: The advertising emails in Dec. 2015 stated ALL conversions, so it was clearly deceptive) | By my email dated March 4, 2016, I asked them for a full refund. I received a call from Norma Escalona, Director of Product Management on or about March 19, 2016. I was unavailable and spoke to her a couple of days later on Monday, March 21, 2016 morning. She discussed the issues and checked that I had not “availed their e-filing services” for a single return. She assured me that they will send me the full refund. On April 4, 2016, I followed up with a call about my refund with Ms. Escalona, who looked up my account and stated that a refund had NOT been issued. I asked when that would be done, she stated that “Mark” is in a meeting and I have to check with him about the refund. | The resolutions I seek (from the company) are following: | STOP the misleading/false advertising about conversion, etc. IMMEDIATELY or Shut-down this “Mickey-Mouse” operation. | Test beta versions and only after adequate trials and fixing bugs launch the product and collect money from customers. If you have issues you need to REFUND the FULL amount to customers. | Hire competent people – you can give fancy and elaborate titles, but they also need to be able to make decisions on their own. They cannot be micro-managed. It is clearly neing run as a Mickey-Mouse operation, a classic boiler-plate scam. | The warnings to OTHER consumers: | Stay away from such companies, at best they exaggerate their product and at worst are deceptive, etc. | I wasted a lot of my time trying to sort out the bugs and also missed out on “early-bird special discount” from other software companies. So BEWARE of claims. | Please offer/write reviews (positive, negative or neutral) on any new products hitting the market. It would be good for all of us as practitioners. | NOTE : If anyone is interested in filing a “class-action” lawsuit, I am ready, willing and available.

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