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I found out that the car i financed after putting 2,500 down and after i had a minor fender bender and had the car in the shop through my insurance co and was told by the claims adjustor that the car had been totaled out and that it indeed had a salvagable title. | I confronted the owner and he said it hadn’t been wrecked, or that he wasn’t aware of that, he then told me he would be right back out and he then produced a paper with my signature on it saying i signed it and it said on letter head salvaged title. I had no idea what that meant until my ins co told me. | I was reading other consumers reports about this same dealership and there were other complaints of being sold salvage titled cars and they were not aware either. He got mad at me and told me he would hold the title to another vehicle that i had purchased which is about to be paid off, he said if i default, surrender or they repo the car and then that he is going to hold the title of the other vehicle that i have put over 5,000 in repairs and it is do to be paid off in less then 5 months. He said i wouldn’t get my title til the other car is paid off. | I didn’t agree to this and him stacking my jeep and my car together till i get the car paid off. The owner is a LIAR, CON ARTIST, PRETENDING TO BE A GOOD CHRISTIAN, sending me threats by text, and phone calls and refused a cashiers check by my bank just because i wrote on it duplicate he said he wouldn’t except it and kept harrasing me.. | This place sells lemon cars, i only went to get a second car from them when my jeep broke down and i lost my new car from a hurricane and couldn’t come up with the money for a down pymt or good enough credit to buy from a brand new dealership, but felt i had not choice but to buy from a BUY HERE / PAY HERE RIP OFF LOT. | This man is a thief that sells lemons and has had several complaints, lawsuits and must be put out of business!!! Riley Burke is a Con Artist, Liar and Makes threats, and sells lemons after lemons… He needs to be stopped….

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