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I first came across JAMES THOMAS on FACEBOOK where he had a 3 day old Facebook account yet seemed to be trading for such a long time ,so initially i was suspect off him and watched his page for around a month before investing the minimum which was a $1000 usd . | Within a few days it was $3500 and he wanted me to withdraw i said no its not enough and i want you to keep trading he wasnt happy but within another week it was $8500 and i thought another week and i can withdraw. By the end of the next week it was at $15000 so i agreed to withdraw my money .Thomas then said okay it costs $2000 to take out your money which i said you never told me that which he got mad and said you nevr read the terms and conditions which i said what terms and conditions ? We never received anything no papers to sign no agreement to sign nothing to tell you anything about his process he was just making it up as he went along . | If you had a question he had an answer if you questioned that he either ignored that question or just moved on to another subject and never answered the question ever . He used to get mad at me for asking too many questions but i just thought he is maybe busy (yes he was busy ripping off lots of others ) | So to withdrawal i said $2000 was a lot can he take it from my account which he replied no its against the law to enter clients accounts and take funds which reassured for a second or two that he was quoting the law so he must be straight remember i did say a second or two . Anyway i said i would try to get the money for the withdrawal everyday after that i got messages from him have you got the withdrawal money yet i was struggling to find the cash and thought okay i can ask a friend for a loan and the rest of the loan sharks as it was only according to THOMAS a one hour process to pay your money and get your funds but like everything with THOMAS HE FORGETS HE TELLS YOU SOMETHING AND THEN GETS MAD WHEN YOU BRING IT TO HIS ATTENTION THAT HE SAID THAT . | So ive managed to get $1000 of the fee and he said send that they might just give you the withdrawal but remember THOMAS talks about them and the BOARD AS A THIRD PARTY which they are not its all THOMAS he is the BOARD and he is AGE TRADERS , So he kept me waiting that day 5 hours for a reply t will theylet me withdraw after sending the $1000 when he replied he said the BOARD (THOMAS ) had rejected my pleas for a withdrawal and they need the $2000 so i went to the loan sharks and got the other $1000 as THOMAS HAD SAID ONE HOUR PROCESS i thought it will be fine i can pay back the loan sharks and then have my withdrawal money to live on . So its FRIDAY TWO WEEKS AGO and i pay the final $1000 through PERFECT MONEY A PAYMENT WALLET WHICH HE LOVED because you get the money within minutes of the person sending it . So i tell him thats the money there now and he says why didnt i tell him i was paying today i said because you were expecting it . | So he says its Friday they are very busy everyone is trying to withdraw today and i should have informed himso one hour two hours then 8 hours pass and im like wheres my withdrawal Thomas you said an hour he got mad at me and said i never told him i would have to wait until Monday now . | Sunday arrived and he sends me a messenger the only way he ever contacted you even if you tried to call him on messenger he never picked up the call anyway he said get your BANK DETAILS READY which i replied i dont have a Bank account as i had problems last year with another scammer and LLOYDS BANK CLOSED MY ACCOUNT. He said come on give me your bank detail which i replied no problem just send it back through PERFECT MONEY SAME WAY I SENT YOU THE FUNDS he left it a while then said the US GOVERNMENT only allowed him to send $2000 by PERFECT MONEY so i said fine just send that and i will get the rest in the week ahead as now i am thinking thats 2/3 of my money back and i would have enough to give the loan sharks there money back and get back my Motorbike and pay their interest . | Now to Monday i woke up and sent him a messenger saying its payday THOMAS can i have my withdrawal now so he starts to make some excuse and im like joking saying you are a right dodgy b*****d Thomas and he gets all angry again and says oh is that right well i will show you if you think im a right dodgy b*****d i will have to report you to the BOARD for that comment and i said oh well when you are talking to the board then ask the board about you stealing clients funds and see what the board has to say about that ? So now i am thinking Thomas is never going to give me my withdrawal i go back to his FACEBOOK and copy all his friends names and start to send them messages some reply yes he scammed me and other weresuspect and eventually tell me he ripped them off too so after asking what did you do they were well what can i do he ripped me off and i cant do anything one pattern did appear there it was all the people he had ripped off were all in the 55 – 75 age group who had a bit cash about them but very little experience online and none of them reported him to anyone not even the POLICE or FACEBOOK they all just let it go . well i wasnt as i needed this money back for the loan sharks and im panicking a bit now about how im going to pay this money to them . | So i go back to THOMAS FACEBOOK and look at all his fake posts with his sweet fake children and his fake BINARY POSTS OF HIS SKILFULL TRADES EVERYONE A WINNER just like the guy at the Fair shouting roll up roll up everyones a WINNER and i start to post on his fake photos of the kids in the firetruck saying do you think DADDY can get all the money into that firetruck and just generally being a nuisance to him which must have annoyed him as he blocks me although i did start a group called all THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN RIPPED OFF BY THE EVIL JAMES THOMAS . I try to contact FACEBOOK who make it impossible to report anything bad even tried the FACEBOOK SECURITY MANAGER WHO TOOK A WEEK TO ACCEPT MY MESSENGER CONTACT . | My age trader account still has my $15000 showing and i cannot get a reply from the contact us page because its really contact THOMAS PAGE and he is not going to reply to my questions just like when i asked him questions on messenger and he got all annoyed with me and never answered them anyway heis an evil man and i would lie to see him in leg chains and a orange boiler suit on his knees with ISIS reading a statement before they chop off his head seriously i would get the popcorn and the cokes out and curl up on the sofa and cheer when the sword came down upon his neck and play repeat play repeat . I HAVE SINCE FOUND OUT HIS IP ADDRESS IS LAGOS NIGERIA THE CAPITAL OF THE SCAMMING WORLD HE DIDNT COME ACROSS LIKE A NIGERIAN SCAMMER THOUGH BUT THEN AGAIN THATS GOOD SCAMMING ISNT IT IF THERES SUCH A THING

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