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i came across an add in the greensheet for office managemnt position claiming to mke 19 dollars an hour for training…following, i called and member of what they called the call center, advised me to bring four things with me to the interview…..one of which was 100.00 for bckground ck….of course when i arrived i was accepted(which everyone was)….it was like them getting a HIT everytime someone would fall for it and give them the 100.00 bucks, after that, the training class was held on a friday, where i was to bring 300.00 more dollars for a kit…which all this money was assured to be refunded as soon as we got to the office managment position…. | i loyaly came to wrk and put forth everything i could….really kinda paid my way through training! 5000.00! after reaching the “pin” for office managment, i was told that i would need to come up with 8000.00 bucks to start my branch….!!!! i couldnt believe it…the manager was an 18yr old girl that took over after the original one left….her name is CYNTHIA THOMAS, her and the reginal director ( delatori) kept as much as they could a secret from me….during the entire time of my self employment with that company i was never labeled an office manager…but this girl would never be there and i would run the office 5 dys a wk for months collecting inocent peoples money that i didnt realize, at the time was stealing from them!!!! i was told that i would be paid “something” everytime she got paid….never nothing was handed to me for my time, gas, or loyalty…… | i have all paper work from the office i could possibly take …her pay stubs….everything i signed and contracts…… | oh which by the way, kept a log (tried) from day to day that i was there…we would get into arguments everyday…. | she tried saying that she and i didnt have a contract together, that me and the old boss did (ron kenoly)….i hd to physicallly mke her sign another contract ….i hve all records!

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  1. Jerilyn Dreese
    June 16, 2020

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