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I discovered Mr. Ansary on his video channel online and seen a guy who wants to make the world a better place. I have done years and years of research and figured out how to solve the world’s problems including aging and death. | Because Mr. Ansary proclaimed on his show that he wants to work with others in an activist way I contacted him and made an offer that would help him and the world by promoting the solution and so people would know what they can do to solve our world’s problems. | Mr. Ansary’s response was, “I am already immortal webmaster. This wouldn’t work out for me”. A solution that would solve our world’s problems and save lives by the billions “is not for Alex Ansary”. This is where the fraud comes in. He calls himself an activists but he is against solutions. | Over the next few months I listened to his podcasts and discovered disturbing truths about Alex Ansary I feel the public should know. | I contacted him and informed him that his show of “creating awareness” is only about reporting on the ‘tail of the snake’, a metaphor that acknowledges the principle of cause (creation) and effect (physical manifestation). If you only report on the effect/tail without a solution then you’re only fear mongering. That’s not activism because it changes nothing and not only that there’s no useable or valuable information that would solve anything at all. | Almost every single podcast he does includes the following 1. Bad thing happened. 2. He’s poor and needs your money and will brainwash you into thinking he’s an activist when he’s only commentator on already publicly available knowledge published else ware. 3. (Pre)attacks people who do not agree with him (gaslighting). 4. Complains condescendingly to the point of being psychologically abusive to his audience which guilt trips his listeners into financially supporting him (defrauding). 5. Plays the victim as he has been offered things that he has claimed to want but then publicly complains that no one support him (delusional/mental illness). 6. The spirituality he promotes is a form of Satanism. He is no master of life yet he teaches as if he knows the truth and that is an act of social irresponsibility. His channel has the phrase, “THE PATH TO THE ULTIMATE TRUTH AND PLACE OF POWER LIES WITHIN”, as if he is some spiritual master, but his content is deranged Satanism. Because of these facts, Alex Ansary is portraying himself as some kind of master of truth yet playing the role of an innocent victim when in reality; his situation has been created by his own choices. | Many so-called activists like Alex Ansary and Alex Jones is that they promote that which they want personally in their lives but this is a selfish thing to do because what they choose to promote is not helpful to the world but to themselves. To justify this selfishness these fake activists virtue signal publicly claiming that they want to work with others and make the world a better place, mentioning spirituality, god and Jesus, but their choices demonstrate that they do this as a way to manipulating/brainwashing the public to support their them, not the world, which makes them selfish. | The only thing that Alex Ansary is interested in is that which makes his selfish interests bigger. He only want to produce more content for his show so he can make more money from his audience and if people don’t want to just ‘go on his show’ or ‘be his friend’ then he doesn’t care about anything else including a movement that could solve every problem on earth. Because he will not promote or engage solutions that benefit the world he has demonstrated/proven that he is a fraud. | The problem with many people in a Capitalist society is that people are forced into poverty, which is violence against those who would not make the rich more money and power, and that makes people desperate to make money. Because Capitalism is satanic in nature it is intolerable and so many people out there who give career advice tell people to find something you love to do. When it comes to activism, this scenario forces amateurs and people who are not qualified to do the job to go out and do this job when they are inadequate to succeed and so the content market is full of people who have no idea how to solve the world’s problems, and because most people are not geniuses and masters of life they get suckered into people like Alex Ansary thinking that they’re helping the world but in reality they’re only helping themselves. Mr. Ansary turning down my offer, but not only that, not even asking questions or attempting to investigate what I was offering, is evidence of this satanic economic system’s effect on people that make them selfish and tribalistic where they work out of fear of poverty for themselves vs. the world as a whole. In the end, they pander to the problem which causes them to avoid the solution and result is defrauding their audience. | I started a church where I work to facilitate self-awareness so they can know why suffering, aging, and death (mortality) exists and how to resolve mortality by becoming an immortal in exactly the same way Jesus did it. This is a form of activism that solves every problem on earth including aging and death via consciousness, demonstrating immortality, and facilitating educational awareness of how society’s problems are affecting the consciousness of the population by enforcing mortality on to it. If Alex Ansary promoted this it would unequivocally destroy his ‘career’ as no one is going to want to listen to him when there are people who are real masters who know what they’re talking about who are doing 100,000,000 times more powerful activist work. This is why my offer “didn’t ‘work’ for him/his ego”. | When you know the holy truth of life you’re eyes are open and can see the fakes and fraudsters out there but if you don’t know the holy truth of life then people who ‘look’ like they’re activists doing good work will appear legitimate even when they’re not. As an activist I knew that if you want to change the world that you better figure out how to do it and if you attempt to do it before you figure it out then you’re only trying. Trying is failing and if you want people to support you because you’re failing then you are a fraud, defrauding your followers and that is a very, very foolish thing to do. When people financially support mentally ill amateur activists who have no idea how to solve the world’s problems they are empowering them with the means to sucker others into their web of insanity. Would it be wise to give money to businesses that ‘tries’ to make a quality product? Then why would you support an amateur activist who’tries’? | My suggestion to Alex Ansary is to get a real job and figure out why the world’s problems are happening in the first place and know how to resolve it on a causal level with a realistic and effective solution before attempting to be an activist. Until you do this you are not an activist, but rather a business person just selling your commentary on issues for donations.

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