Alex Jones

Alex Jones Review

I hired Alex Jones, and unemployed contractor, to perform work for me in a Ruby Tuesday in Mays Landing. He confirmed with me that he would be there and I confirmed it with my client. Crates were sent, schedules were made and clients were notified. | But Alex Jones’ mom talked him out of going to the job. Mom didn’t understand the work. She didn’t understand that Alex made commitments. And confirmed those commitments. And that people were counting on him. And a great deal of money was spent to get the materials to him to do that work. | But some guys are mommas’s boys, and that’s okay. | But Alex Jones didn’t bother to notify anyone that his mom wouldn’t let him do the job. He didn’t call me, or the Ruby Tuesday or my client. He just didn’t show up. He stayed at home with mom and let everyone else scramble to clean up the mess he made.

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