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Hello, | My name is David Snell and I happened to catch the ch 5 story about this sleezy guy Saturday morning. I text Johnny Archer (news anchor I know) asking him to have Samantha Chatman get in touch with me re how to get this guy charged as he should be but haven’t heard back yet. LONG story short I am self employed, live in NW Frisco and am president of a 600 home HOA where some neighbors were victim to a guy doing exact same thing that took place with all of you. Our case was three years ago. I single handedly lead charge to get as many victims statements as I could and the guy who ripped us off (re fence repairs/staining) did exact same thing and his crime was over 6 plus north Texas counties! He actually flaunted to many of us who went after him saying tough its civil issue what are you going to do sue me! REAL AZZ………Rick Swaynee Breese with B&B Fence and Stain look up his record and alias business names! Anyways I will be happy to share with any of you HOW TO GET a DA to go after him. What this idiot did to you all is called "theft of services" and his intentions to defraud and steal your deposit money is his game NOT that he is a bad business guy who doesn’t know how to manage his money for materials etc! I hate people like this guy and who ripped us off. I will help anyone to go after scum like this cheesy guy! Meaning legally of course offering advice how I did it three years ago. Collin DA worked with me while we submitted report after report from victims clearly showing this was a pattern to deceive/defraud people out of deposit money he never intended to give you materials or work or whatever. I talked to people with Tarrant/Denton/Collin Da’s office’s where Collin lead the charge and took the case before a grand jury. They (grand jury) true billed (fancy legal way to say approved) the DA to go after him. In the end our criminal went to jail……sounds like a clone to this Dino/Mario CLOWN. Your money is long gone I bet BUT he can’t escape the crime he committed if you force the issue with right people. Sad part is NO one legally seems to point out to "victims" what to do to bring this idiot to justice! I can share exactly what you all need to do!! My cell is best at four 69 767-two 645. email [email& 160;protected] Happy to discus and help guide a few of you to get with right DA (best to use DA in county where most reports are coming from) then you round up victim reports like a affidavit per se. They are1-2 page self sworn reports you write and send in………. Best to get as many as you can. Once reviewed by assist DA etc etc they can establish a "pattern" with this guy to take your deposits but then hes on the run each and every time/ then that’s all they "should need" to go to grand jury to see if they will approve bringing legal charges. I would HIGHLIGHT the ch 5 piece with DAs office for sure! I tried and fell short on news coverage three years ago was mad about that as that certainly works as GREAT leverage to get a DAs office involved! Squeaky wheel gets the "DA"’s attention! They do not want to be center of media story like this asking………..why wont you stop this guy and let this continue under your watch! Please do reach out to me and I can send emails from the Collin DA when we built our case to present to them to consider. IT was easy to push through as we had so many victims………..and sounds like so do all of you! Look forward to your replies when able. David Snell/Frisco cell 469-seven767-two 645 or email: [email& 160;protected]

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  1. Zetta Lamon
    June 16, 2020
  2. Dacia Crupper
    June 16, 2020

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