All Heating and Cooling, LLC.

All Heating and Cooling, LLC. Review

I am a senior in Florida who called All Heating and Cooling when my central system went down in 100 degree temps. They came out, a man and his wife in their own vehicle. He never did any work but said ” you need a new system” I said how do you know this? He said “the fan froze up and took out the compressor.” the cost for a new system is $7,700. He charged me $39.95 and left. I called a new company who said on the phone ” it’s probably the capacitor as they go when it’s real hot like this. He came checked the unit and yes it was in fact only a capisitor that he had on the truck $152.00 total and less then 5 minutes time I was up and running. This guy said that company make a living defrauding people like you. He also said I should get another 5-6 years more from my system and new replacement is under5k. He said I should report the company for trying to defraud me which in Florda is a Felony due to my age.

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