All Star Stain and Seal

All Star Stain and Seal Review

I hired this company to paint the wood trim on the exterior of my home. The first time they came was in the evening, even though I was told they would come in the morning (Herbert and Christian are the workers that came), they worked till night and told me the job was done. I inspected the job and advised them that a portion of the job looks incomplete. Christian assured me that it was just wet and it was too dark to see. I paid them the full balance of $800 in cash. The next morning, I noticed I was right and sent them text messages with pictures to prove it. | They both advised me that they would be back to finish the job and what was needed was a ladder tall enough to finish the job. They came back the following week with a long pole and a brush. They did not bring a tall ladder to reach the highest point and when they were done they called me to check the work. | I noticed that there was paint on the brick (where there shouldn’t be any paint) and they didn’t do a good job of painting the wood trim at the highest point. When I brought this up, Christian kept on telling me he didn’t see anything wrong with the job and that the job was complete. Again, I insisted the job wasn’t done and could be neater. | Christian again stated he didn’t have a ladder tall enough so he couldn’t really get the high part. This was in the evening. I waited again till the next day when the sun was out, and I could take clear pictures of their work. I sent the pictures to Herbert which clearly shows the areas where the paint was on the bricks and it shows the terrible job they did with the wood trim. There is also an area of the wood trim they didn’t paint at all. Herbert sent a reply, that they will come back with a tall ladder. He didn’t commit to a time. | This would be the second promise this company is making. Herbert assessed the job before starting. Why take the job and charge me $800 if you knew your company did not have a ladder and could not do a good job. They shouldn’t have taken the job to begin with.Why come in the evening to do the job and not during the day? Why paint at night? (Especially when you did promise to come during the day). Till date, I haven’t heard from any one of them even though Herbert did say over the phone that the there is a warranty on the job and they would be back. I hope all consumers find this report before hiring this company.

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