All States Office Supply, Inc.

All States Office Supply, Inc. Review

I have now seen similar reports and once I discovered the real name of the company I realized I was being scammed. A few months ago I received a call from a woman who said she had spoken to my boss who referred her to me (I am in procurement). She said that her company was moving to Florida and did not want to pack up their office supplies. She gave me great pricing and when I agreed she said they would ship immediately. When the items arrived there was a packing list but no invoice. | After two weeks when no invoice arrived I called the number on the packing list. I was sent to a voice mail for a Jeffrey Lester. I left a message stating that I did not receive an invoice and gave them several ways to contact me to discuss or send. I never heard back. About 4 months later I receive a voice mail from a Paull Brenner stating the invoice for the items I had received was past due and they they were planning legal action unless I contacted them immediately for arrangements. He said the amount owed was a ridiculous $3961.44. I called back immediately asked for Paul Brenner and again was sent to Jeffey Lester’s email. | I called back a second time to ask why I was sent to Jeffrey Lester’s email when I asked for Paul Brenner and she said that all the salespeople use the same voicemail. That is when I really started being suspicious. When I googled the name on the packing list (FSN INC, Greenville SC) the only thing that came up was a complaint with the local BBB in SC. They listed an address for the company. When I went on Google maps and looked at the address at street level there was an AIM Mailing Center located there. So I have no idea of there real location. I have received a second voicemail from this Paul Brenner I again called back and left my cell phone, email, etc. I also sent an email to the email the BBB had on file for the company. Again I have yet to hear back from them. Stay far away from these people. Anyone who says they have done legitimate business with them probably works there.

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