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All Web Leads, Inc. Review

I just started my own independant agency, and to get initial customers, I made the decision like many others that to speed things along, I would have to purchase leads from an online provider. | I chose All Web Leads because they claimed to sell real time leads that were exclusive,vetted, qualified by an extensive reveiw, and “guaranteed” ready to buy. What I recieved were leads that were over a year old and had already been shopped out to hundreds of different lead companies and thousands of different agencies. | I had insisted that, due to my own limitations in the beginning, that I only recieve three leads a day. Once I deposited $200, I immediatly was bombarded with leads that kept coming until every penny of my deposit was spent. | I wanted only homeowners leads newer than 10 years old, and recieved mostly apartment renters, and those few houses I did recieve were condemned properties. I asked for a “few” auto leads with no priors. Those I recieved were all prior convictions and uninsurable drivers/vehicles. | Now to the billing. They claim to have several grades of leads based on their quality. This is totally arbitrary and a lie. They simply stamp a lead with a random qualifier and bill accordingly. You can attempt to stop or pause your leads, but they will continue to come in until all of your money is gone. Those auto leads I mentioned, they were supposed to be $13, turned out to be $20-25 each. On top of that, like I said above, every one was over a year old. | Customer service is non-existant. I had been on hold, for their main office number mind you- not some special office, for a total of 26 hours before I gave up. I have 38 voicemails, and 22 emails in to their service department. After all that effort on my part to contact them I have spent a total of 0, zero, nada minutes speaking to ANYONE from the company. Interestingly, they were real chatty and friendly when I set the account up, but now I’m just shouting down a hole with them. I can’t even contact them to have the account closed, much less get reimbersed. Fortunatly for me I used my AMEX, who happens to be a reputable credit company, and I have them working on it now. | If you love your company, yourself, your sanity, and your opperating capital, stay the heck away from these guys. Do your research when contacting a lead company and make sure they’re in no way affiliated with AWL, as they have taken great pains to disguise how many tenticals they have out there.

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