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I closed on this home at 2959 Estate View Ct in Dacula, Ga from this builder on June 12, 2015 in Harbins Landing Estatesin Dacula, Ga. Soon after I moved, I found this was a substabdrd home with many defects. In addition, things started falling apart. | First, I found that the front door was not installed properly and/or was defective. I reported this to the builder on or about August 8 but the repairs were nver done. Instead, I was told that all repairs will be done only once at the end of one year. Then, one of the door in kitchen cabinet fell down becuase of inadequate/defective material used by the builder. That too was reported but nothing was done. | Soon, to my horror, I found they did not prepare the wooden and other surfaces before painting on them on both inside and outside of the house and just painted over the nails which are visisble all over the place both inisde and outiside the house. At some places inside the house, sharp nail heads are visible and can cause injury. | The roofs are so narrow in shape that it will almost be impossible for even a professional to go from one end of the attic to the other end in attic. | It is pretty dark when you go up the stairs becuase no ligthing was installed in the ceiling over the stairs. And, for the reason mentioned above it may be almost impossible to have new ones insalled. | When you go from the front door towrds the kitchen, no lighting was installed in hallway between foyer to kitchen. You pretty musch walk in the dark | Under the kitchen cabinets in the corner, it is always dark, day or night, becuase no lightngwas installed under the kitchen cabinets. | When you enter the front door, above the tiny porch on the ceiling, you can see how horrible the painting was. Two pieces of wood boards were never properly joined togather and in addition to many nailheads, you can see it looks like a beat up house already and the house is not even six month old. | The concrete for the main house and the patio were not poured at the same time and/or never bonded togather and for this reason, there is a visible separation between the main house slab and the patio and fire ants have started making room in between the two concrete slabs. Soon there could be a very very visible separation between the main house slab andthe patio. | The materbath is pretty dark. There is onle set of lights in the whole master bath. In this $200,000+ house, they knsalled a one piece shower, the cheapest you can get in Home Depot. It is shameful. | You cannot open the door to the toilet without firstmoving the door to the masterbath out of yor way. | In this $200,000+ house, they did not bother to intall double hung windows. Instead, they installed single hong windows without any grids. | Soon, I am expecting other defects to appear given the experience so far. If I were a buyer again, I will never even consider buying from this builder nor will advse any one else to do so.

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