Alorica, Inc.

Alorica, Inc. Review

I have never dealt with such foolishness since probably middle school. I feel everything but the right thing goes on in this company. They constantly threaten your job if you need time off, they don’t care if you are dying they still want you at work for those weak 9.00/hr that no one can live off of. You don’t learn anything in training, they are very unprofessional and unorganized. I wouldn’t advise dogs to work at this hell hole. Supervisors are not leadership material, the OM are not the best at making sure that the Supervisors are doing what needs to be done, they don’t properly fire people, when they fire people they make sure everyone knows about it. Most of the employees would rather be shot in the butt than come to work, Verizon should fire all management, make the pay 15.00/hour and let people have a decent work environment.

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