America Cash Advanced

America Cash Advanced Review

Report Filed: America Cash Advanced RIPOFF COMPANY levittown, Pennsylvania!!

I received a phone call today stating that legal actions have been taking against me and if I have a lawyer please give them there information because I will be going to jail for a loan I have not paid back. I ask when I took out this loan and they said they did not have that information. They said I owe over 1,000 dollars and that legal actions are being put against me. It was kind of scary but I did research about this company and found out it is a scam they were rude and the guy told me to shut the h*ll up and let him finish. They have a accent and he said he had to check with the client to see if they can make any kind of arrangements to resolve this case. He said I had to western union the money to them cause of the attempts of them trying to take the money out of my account. Please do not fall for the scam. Unfortunately I fell for this once will not fall for this again feel stupid for falling for them once but they wil not get anymore money out of me.

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