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I am a very new real estate investor and was so excited about getting an investment property that I fell for this scam. The posting on craigslist promises private funding for real estate in the form of a business loan. I paid a $500 “Commitment Fee”, sent this guy 3 months of my business bank statements and even had the seller of the property have his lawyer draw up a contract. THEN….i get a text from the seller telling me that his lawyer told him to warn me about postings regarding this funding source and to be careful. So, then I found the postings and even gave this guy the benefit of the doubt even though my gut was telling me this was a scam….then TODAY i text this person (Ray Azcui) to ask for the promissory note that was promissed weeks ago and he told that he had a heart attack and was in the hospital – THE EXACT SAME THING OTHER PEOPLE POSTED. | JUST SO YOU KNOW – Avoid any ads promising funding with an upfront fee. This is my fault but I can only help other people. | RAY AZCUI IS A LIAR AND A SCAMMER AND I AM GOING TO GET MY MONEY BACK.

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