American Equipment Finance LLC

American Equipment Finance LLC Review

I contacted AEFS more than 2 weeks ago, and filled out their ap. A few days went by with no contact. I received an email, that stated that they had sent me an offer, which I refused. and that they could do better. THe offer they referred to never happened. | After I got approved, I was asked by email to finish my application ( already done) After the prequal letter, I started getting requests for more information, some of it more than once. I discovered they did a hard credit check more than once, damaging further my credit rating. | Do not deal with these people, they simply do not know what they are doing, and will simply cost you numbers off of your credit rating, and never finish, of give final terms. Terms they do give, are subject to change after change, after change. Now after wasting more than 2 weeks, I have a lower credit score, and have to start over. This is BS

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