American Gun Club

American Gun Club Review

I decided to purchase a shirt from them. The shirt was supposed to be “free”, as long as I just paid the shipping cost of $10. At the checkout, they said there was a limit of 5 free shirts,and because I was already paying the $10 shipping fee, that I may as well get 5 of them…AFTER they processed my debit card, they sent me an invoice for $50!! They stole my money from me almost immediately. So I sent them an email to dispute it, and told them I wanted to cancel my order right away, because they had lied about the price and charged me 5x what I had agreed to. I never received an email back. So I just figured that I would have to bite the bullet and just keep the shirts. But the shirts never showed up. I have sent more emails, and never heard back. THE U TOTALLY SCREWED ME!!

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