American Institute School of Health Careers

American Institute School of Health Careers Review

I came to this school inquiring about a high school diploma and furthering my career as a medical assistant. I thought i was a great idea because i dropped out of school.I am very smart so i told the rep that i wanted to just take the high school diploma test so i could start classes right away. They told me if i had time i could take the test right there on the spot. so i went in and i took a test and i was told that i had passed and they wanted me to go see financial aid to sign up for this medical assisting school. i was so excited though i had never applied for financial aid. i began to get nervous as this lady was asking me all types of questions. i explained to her that i had never done this before and i would come back with my mom since some of the questions were about her and her income. This young lady told me “dont worry its simple we are just trying to get you approved for a grant and i would have to pay a small fee every week”. i was ok with that. However i found out that we would be moving out of the county and i went in to speak with mrs. mccollouh about not attending her school due to my move. well according to her all i had to do was sign a paper stating that i didnt want to attend any longer. | I came back to the school a year later feeling like i missed out on my career path. i went in did the application for financial aid again and began school. I went the entire year, i made great grades and finally graduated. However, graduation day i didnt get a diploma. but we had to sign another paper for our diploma in which i never received. i never received my high school diploma and i go online only to find out i was charged for the year i didnt attend. and here i am trying to fix my life all over again i have student loans that i have been paying on with nothing to show for it. not even a diploma. Just lots of debt . | Please beware of these privately owned schools because once they get your information they can take out loans and grants you may not even know about. They ten to prey on the weak. They dont care about your education all they care about is fatter pockets. they get rich while they make you spend the rest of your life paying money you dont have to people you never knew you owed!!!!

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