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I am a free-lance State of CA and Federal Court certifed Interp, SpanishEnglish. I accpted an assignment from American Language Services (ALS) to cover a Worker’s Comp medical exam in Orange County, CA. When I showed up, the patient I was supposed to interpret for turned out to be an English speaker who spoke no Spanish at all despite his Hispanic-sounding last name. I immediately called my supervisor at ALS to inform him of this fact and ask to be relieved. Instead, my supervisor told me to stay at the job site and help the patient fill out his paperwork, which was of course all written in English. I informed my supervisor that filling out English to English paperwork was NOT my job and that it was illegal to bill the State of CA for interpreting services not rendered. My supervisor told me to stay or I would not be paid. I then had no choice but to either engage in outright FRAUD or not be paid $360 for the full day I was scheduled to work. I chose the latter. I have filed a formal complaint with the Los Angeles County Frayd Hotline and am also reporting this fraud here for future reference.

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