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I am writing because I was robbed and taken advantage of by Great American Moving and Storage. It started with getting a quote over the internet and then by telephone by Amy, who works for them The quote was about $2000. But, when they sent the packers and movers out the price doubled. I called the office and they told me they would drop the price from $4500. to $4000. I told them I would just cancel their services, and they told me I would lose my depost and be charged for the time they took to come out. So, reluctantly, I used them. The was not pleasant, and by the end Eric the head mover, changed the price to $5000.00. | I called the office back and they were closed, so first thing on their next business day I spoke to Amy and she told me she couldnt do anything about it. Well several emails later and finally a call with the manager, they agreed to lower the bill down to $4500., so back to the price they originally told me when they arrived, even though they agreed to $4000. They had my belongings and knew I had no power. They had my items in storage in Van Nuys for about three weeks, and finally delivered everything to Austin. Well, much to my dismay, items arrived broken and worse, I had over $30,000(thirty thousand dollars) of handbags and jewelry stolen. | I contacted them immediatley, and it took me almost two months to finally get a response, and then they finally sent me their insurance company information. I compiled a list and photographs of everything they took. I didnt even include all the damaged items. I waited and finally about two weeks ago the insurance company sent me an offer, it was for $24.00 (twenty four dollars). They claimed I packed my items, therefore they were not responsible for my items. Well, I hired the company to “Pack and Move” my items. The insurance company told me I needed to go back to the Moving Company and take it up with them. | I have sent numerous emails, I don’t want to speak with these people, they lie. I still have not recieved any responses. I was googling their company to try find out who owns the company and your website came up along with many others like BBB, and review companies. I started reading the reviews, and so many were exactly like mine. Low quotes, then an entirely different actual price, broken and stolen items. Review after review. I have contacted the Van Nuys Police department, and they were going to check on their business practices and start patrolling their business. But, I don’t see how they can recover my items all these months later. | I am at a loss and don’t know if you can help me, but I am so distraught and want justice.

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