AmeriGas Propane, Inc.

AmeriGas Propane, Inc. Review

I have yet to experience a rip-off this bad. It caused me to register here and write my story. There are countless other customsers being ripped off at this moment across Ventura County and around the city of Ojai. I don’t know how much further it goes past that. | I have a 10 acre ranch that is very expensive to upkeep. We trust service providers to do thier job and bill fairly for their service or product. After years of signing large checks to Amerigas as they routinely filled our two 500 gallon propane tanks, I decided to research the bill with a closer eye. | In a nutshell, propane costs X amount just like gasoline. There are price discrepancies amongst service providers but not that large. Just like when you go to a gas station. I realized that many thousands of gallons of propane refills were being billed at $4.85 a gallon without my approval regarding any price increases. I simply figured the ranch was consuming more gas since it’s so large. | Propane costs approximately $2.40 a gallon as I write this on the open market. I immediately fired Amerigas and had their rental tanks cut. They even had the audacity of charging a fee to pick up their tanks. Amerigas attempted to keep the account by bringing the cost down to market, but their gig was up. They were ripping me off to a tune of $25,000 a year. You read that right. Approximately twenty five thousand dollars each year. | If you read their yelp, you will see they do this to many if not all their customers. People simply don’t know what propane costs with a competitor, so many pay and don’t question. | To add insult to injury, I also now have my tanks filled to 90% capacity. Amerigas apparently filled the tanks to 60% during a fill. This created a cycle of more frequent fills and they bill for every time they come and fill you up. Another way to rip off customers. | I hope this report makes it to enough people and customers EN MASSE leave Amerigas high and dry. Their pricing practices are unethical and may be borderline illegal. We switched to AAA propane and have had zero complaints and nothing but fair pricing and great service.

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