Ami Ventures, Inc.

Ami Ventures, Inc. Review

Hi i was looking for a dashcam and i put in the info on google to get the best price and they came up with the best price i placed the order and a day later i got an email from them that they dont have this model that i have orderd they only have the newer virghon and they will give it to me for the same price as the old one but in fact it was just the opesit they wanted to give me an old mpdel and they war hoping that i will be stupet to belive them they dont know that today it is ez to find out when i called them they did not pick up the phone only after i called wallmart and they told them that if i wil not get wat i orderd they will have to band them from the web sit they got back to me with all kind of xscuses but after tht they sent me an old moddel and uf not for wallmart stikung up for me becouse i had pruf of the email that they are just a rip off i wood have lost my money

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