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Amplify Funding Review

I applied for a loan of $1,100 at the suggestion from Esperian, my Credit Report Company to increase my credit rating. Amplify Funding approved my loan and sent the $1,100 electronically to my bank account. I then found out they were going to charge me 400% interest for this money, so I immediately cancelled this loan which they honored. | To protect myself, I didn’t know if they could get their $1,100 dollars back without me sending the money back to them. I didn’t want to have them not being able to get their money back on their own so I sent them a check for $1,100 with the stipulation that if they got their money back themselves, then they were to not cash this check but to destroy it and let me know. | They ignored this stipulation and cashed my check anyway along with getting their money back on their own. They have, in numerous emails, told me they were going to send my money back to me but nothing has ever arrived. Each time I call them, I am given excuses of why the check has not arrived. I feel I am being screwed and I believe they have no intention of giving my money back to me.

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